We need to think of Digital Transformation

We help companies traverse the complex
Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation

from thinking digital to being digital

We plan, design, develop and implement innovative solutions that help businesses and organizations lead industries. We create smart interfaces and meaningful experiences that make people smile







Our strategy is straight forward: Learn everything we possibly can, customize our methodologies and strategic skills we then craft the most effective user-centered solutions for the project goals.

We conduct workshops, business games, quick scans, painstaking research and analysis in order to understand the business, users, challenges, and goals. Drawing insights from multidisciplinary research – including ethnographic, analytics, user-centered, and competitive analyses – we pinpoint the most relevant human, business, and objectives that need to be addressed.

Our services and methods are built around each individual project, crafting paths to engagement innovation and growth. Our human-centered design approach generates meticulously outlined customer journeys, with optimal user flows and information architectures. Our roadmaps are rooted in deep data, exhaustive user research, and years of experience.



Aman Digital is a veteran of high-end creative design, with a long record of happy and successful customers. We build meaningful UX and content based on your brand vision and values, crafting user stories that delight customers and drive your business.

As leaders of cross-channel UX for every type of application – from desktop/web software, custom operating systems, to, mobile apps and enterprise web sites,  we help our clients to engage with their audiences, leverage their best strengths and resources, and claim their unique space in the digital culture landscape, creating powerful, memorable interfaces.

We know from experience that engaging, culture-oriented design is rewarded tenfold by users, who gladly hype and promote any brand that cares about them. Thus, Aman fosters a culture of design thinking, with a team of seasoned experts that strives continuously to innovate, solving complex challenges to provide users with straightforward, compelling experiences.


When Experience meets Technology, at Aman Digital we leverage the most advanced technologies to craft the most uniquely personal user experiences. This means that, while we are able to utilize any technological tools, we’ll only choose the one that can mean something for your users, and your project. From big data to cloud to AI and beyond, our experts tailor the right stack for your project.

We have the flexibility, both technological and cultural, to engineer anything, from the broadest enterprise solution down to the most intimate consumer app. Employing an agile collaborative process informed by communication and transparency allows us to safely shepherd every project from intelligent definition, through strong prototyping, all the way to successful execution. We specialize in different type of technologies such as HTML5/CSS, web & mobile application, Angular, jQuery, Umbraco, react native, mobile native and third party elements.

We need to think of Digital Transformation

We help companies traverse the complex
Digital Transformation Journey


Aman is one of Israel’s top 10 IT companies, with subsidiaries in the US and Europe. We’re veteran innovators, with unmatched experience and specialized skills in offering solutions for a variety of challenges, including software development, knowledge management, blockchain, combining technology and operations, and more.

In these revolutionary times, Aman leverages technology and innovation to help businesses improve their performance and create value for their customers.



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